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Love + Chew
Brand & Web Designer

Love + Chew

Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Originally CompletEats, a plant-based cookie company was looking to elevate their branding and expand to house more products. Now Love + Chew, the rebrand has upgraded to a brighter new look from packaging to website, unlocking endless possibilities to grow as a mission driven platform.

Before & After


Before, the old logo was too complex to read. The stroke was also so thin that it becomes illegible especially when scaled small. With the new logo, Love + Chew is laid out simple but clear. It is perfectly legible in any sizes and ready to grow and serve as a parent brand to house new future products.


The newly-designed packaging has a much stronger shelf-presence than the old, while maintaining the same aesthetics so existing customers can easily recognize this plant-based cookie product that they used to love.


Brand Guide

Before handing the project over to the client, I've created a brand guide that will guide them through the correct usage of the new brand design.

Design Process

Mood board

A big pain point the client had with the old branding was a weak shelf presence. So starting with the mood board, we're going towards stronger and bolder look and feel that will make the brand stands out.

Logo Exploration

Cursive Logo Exploration

The cursive hand-written logo did not make to the end, as the soft and dainty touch is not we were looking for. We wanted something that feels a bit stronger than this to present the parent brand.

Logo Font Exploration

These fonts are beautiful in their own way, but the thin strokes and serifs in some of them will inevitably become lost when scaling small. Comparing to these types, we wanted something still stronger and more prominent and could standout on the shelf.

Logo Type Exploration

As we became more clear on what we'd like to achieve, I started experimenting with creating our own type. I used a combination of geometric shapes in the making of this simple, modern, medium-weight and easy-to-read logo.

Packaging Exploration

We wanted to continue using the circle label that the old packaging used to have, as it has been a staple for the brand and is easily recognizable. Here I'm trying different layouts and hierarchies within the circle. (We went for Chewsy Snacks for a while before Love + Chew).

We did try a few without the circle, and instantly felt that the packaging was losing a focal point.

Here we pretty much decided that the product name is what we wanted a consumer to see first and is what's most likely to grab their attention. Hence, we have put The Superfood Cookie bold and big and centered.

Final stretch here where I played with fine details such as the outline and some of the shapes.

Final Packaging Design

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