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West Coast ++
Brand Designer & Video Editor

West Coast ++

Brand Design & Motion Graphics

West Coast ++ is a channel that talks about emerging technology, product management, and effective communication at work. The brand comes across as smart, sophisticated, yet still fun and upbeat, which is what I'm trying to express throughout the branding, visual assets and motion graphics.

Project Scope

Seasoned Product Manager Jasmin would like to build a platform to share her experience working in tech and her insights on what's new in the Valley. Introducing West Coast++, where Jasmin will personally walk you through what's trendy in the tech world, explain any obscure jargons encountered and share with you her stories and tips.

To launch such platform, Jasmin needs:

- A bold and fun yet still professional feeling brand that hosts it all

- Social media assets

- Consistent YouTube channel graphics

- Video editing that includes transitional animation

Design Process

Mood Board

After a few iterations, we landed ourselves on this look of sophistication that's still with a punch.

Logo Explorations

Jasmin wanted a graphic that resembles the west coast AND Silicon Valley--what's better than a palm tree made out of circuit?

After cleaning up the firstly overcomplicated circuit, we have settled on a shape logo for the brand. Since this channel will be iterated in Mandarin Chinese, we'll accompany our circuit palm tree with 西岸++, the Chinese characters equivalent to West Coast ++.

I have applied the geometric look of the circuit onto the type logo, so it would better integrate with the style of the palm tree.

Developing a stack logo is essential, as the 1-to-1 ratio will work best for a profile picture throughout social media.

Final Design

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