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School project

Hog Island Oyster Co.

Brand Identity Redesign

The goal of this brand redesign is to create a more elegant look and feel to match the vibe of the interior of Hog Island Oyster Co., an oyster bar and restaurant located in the historic Ferry Building in San Francisco. The end result includes a new logo, an interactive menu on tablet, a 4-page website mockup, business cards, and more marketing collaterals.

Brand Indentity


The dark blue, big types, and edge-to-edge design of the current branding feels loud and rough, which contradicts to the more delicate setup in the Hog Island Oyster Co. restaurant located in the SF Ferry Building.


In the new brand design, I have added adequate details, and softened the tone to match the elegance and modern ambiance of the restaurant.



Inside the Restaurant

The interior and restaurant vibe at Hog Island Co. San Francisco location feels high-end, modern and bustling. With food served under the category of New American, varieties of seafood specialties offered here are both fresh and delicate.

Image by Hog Island Oyster Co.

What Makes It Stand Out?

- “Bay to Bar” fresh seafood ingredients
- Wide selection of oysters (8 regular menu selections)
- Classic, yet still welcoming dinning environment
- Reasonable price ($15 – $30 entrées)

Image by Hog Island Oyster Co.


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Fog Harbor Fish House

Design Iterations


Logo Sketch

Tablet Menu Interaction

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